Artweek 2021: With the Environment on Our Minds

It's a pleasure to announce that I'm one of the artists invited to Artweek 2021 in Auckland. New Zealand.

Check it out: Artweek 2021: With the Environment on Our Minds


I’m July, a former Pastry Chef, Soap Artist and Entrepreneur. I experiment with shape, colour, materials and lots of soap. I’m constantly looking for the extraordinary side of ordinary things, using my perspective as a foundation.

For this collection titled “Upcycling Self-Portraits”, I have created five self-portraits inspired by feelings and behaviours showcasing that we are more than just a body. I make all my artwork with soap; I draw with piping bags and paint with makeup, nail polish, food and soap colourants. The frames I used were kitchen items such as bowls, cutlery drawers, plates and even a pizza box.

I want to give viewers a wholly legendary and beautiful collection, unlike anything else around. Enjoy it!


Instagram @julycortescardenas





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