Artist Collab | Lavinia Knight from New Zealand

Lavinia Knight is a Queer artist and resin jewellery designer from Wellington, New Zealand. She is also a part-time teacher, an insomniac, a homebody, and a parent.
She works in a couple of different styles; both realism, and cartoon-like illustrations. She describes her illustration style as cute, creepy and a wee it bit twisted. 
We love her artwork so much that we turned four illustrations into soap.
She runs two online shops:
Art Official Sweetener:
Illustrations, Clothing, Jewellery
Insta: @lavinia.knight
Sensory Playhouse:
Sensory products for autistic users.
Insta: @sensory.playhouse

Disclaimer: The artwork on this page belongs only to the artist. Do not copy, repost, or download without our consent. Feel free to follow her or contact us if you have any questions. Soaps are not for sale.

All Rights Reserved. 

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