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July Cortes Cardenas

Landscape IW | Soap Painting on Glass ***ORIGINAL ARTWORK***

Landscape IW | Soap Painting on Glass ***ORIGINAL ARTWORK***

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This painting was officially recognised by the Museum of Luxembourg, 2023.

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Name: Landscape IW

Technique: Soap Painting on Glass | Drawn with Piping Bags | Painted with:

Paprika (spice), Turmeric (spice), Cloves Powder (spice), Chocolate Powder, Eyeshadows, Powder Blush, Micas (soap colourants), and Nail Polish | Black Frame with Glass to be displayed on desk/table.

Size: A4 ( 21 x 29.7cm)

Working time: Weeks

Soap Artist: Insta @cortescardenasjuly


Note: the artwork on this page belongs only to the artist. Do not copy, repost, or download without our consent. Feel free to follow him or contact us if you have any questions.

All Rights Reserved. 

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